“Anne beautifully dissects the trends in work life, where we’ve been as a culture, and where we’re headed. But she doesn’t leave the reader at the theoretical. She introduces the stories of so many women who are walking out a new path for their family, gleaning wisdom from their experiences.”

-Hayley Morgan (from the foreword)

Anne’s ebook profiles 30 different women with 30 unique situations and shares how they are finding a successful blend of work and family. So no matter your family’s situation or desires, you’ll find lots of suggestions and insight to help you figure out a rhythm that works for your family.

-Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom

Nothing can prepare you for what life throws at you. However, knowing what others have done in situations, like yours, help you come up with solutions and ideas that work. Work Shift does this beautifully. Anne has included inputs from over 30 women who’ve talked about how they’ve blended their work with their lives and families at different stages.

From moms who’ve used traditional share care to moms who’re working part time in their pre-baby work fields to women who’re not married or don’t have kids yet to moms who’re breastfeeding to moms with teenagers living under their roof, you will find out how each one of these amazing women blends her work with her family.

You can learn how these women coped with the different seasons of their lives to create a work-life blend that helped them not only work successfully but raise a happy family.

This book is a valuable resource for anyone who is overwhelmed, frustrated, and ready to explore a new way of doing life.   I highly recommend it, especially for women in their late 20s and early 30s who are just beginning the task of managing marriage, children, job, and home … you just might find the answer you’ve been waiting for in Work Shift.”

-Prerna Malik, The Mom Writes

“Work Shift gives the unique combination of inspiration and practical ideas from real life examples.”

-Johanna Hanson, My Home Tableau

“One of my favorite parts of the book is all of the examples of how women in different seasons manage a successful work/life blend. It was fascinating to see the different variations that are being used, and it helped give me ideas of what later seasons in life might look like for our family.”

-Sheila Craig, The Deliberate Reader

“I loved this book by Anne Bogel primarily because of how well-educated she is on this topic. I’m a married woman with no kids and I think Bogel’s book was a great read for all stages of life. I appreciated that she addressed nearly every scenario a person might be in and how to blend working and family-life.”

-Malisa Price